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Protecting Our Family:

Give An Estate Plan To Your Loved Ones


The Parents and Grandparents we work with recognize the importance of the protections provided by a great Estate Plan.


So, you may wish to make a gift of a Basic Estate Plan to your adult Children or Grandchildren.  You don't need a special occasion to do this.  Or, you may decide any of the following are the perfect occasion to make the gift of a lifetime: 

  • Birthday
  • Engagement
  • First Child
  • College Graduation
  • Wedding
  • Second Child

This Is How You Can Do This


  1. Call me at 402-633-1489 to line this up.  I will tell you the fee for your Child's or Grandchild's Basic Estate Plan.

  2. On our call, let me know if this is for a certain occasion (such as a Birthday, College Graduation, Engagement, Wedding, First Child).

  3. I'll send you a Gift Card for you to give to your Child or Grandchild.

  4. Your Child or Grandchid can then call me directly to set up an Estate Plan Appointment.  (Please note that your Child or Grandchild would become a client and their Estate Plan, and related information, would be held in confidence by me).

  5. I will send you the billing statement for the agreed fee only after scheduling the appointment with your Child or Grandchild.

Download Estate Plan Appointment Booklet
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