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Protecting Our Family:

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Protect Our Children


You've raised your children and hopefully you will be around for many more years to continue to provide them with love, support and guidance.  However, since none of us can predict how long we will be here, your Estate Plan can provide you with many opportunities to continue to provide support and protection long after you are gone.  Some of the ways to accomplish this include the following:


  • Guardians for Minor Children.  Within your Will, you can appoint those family members (or friends) who you would like to serve as guardians for your minor chldren in case both spouses die before your children reach adulthood.

  • Financial Support and Protection.  Upon your death, your financial assets can be used to provide financial support for your minor children and young adult children.  You can designate your assets to be protected in a revocable living trust to support your children until designated ages and to be paid out in installments according to your wishes.  In this way, your financial assets can provide years of financial support (such as for living, health and education expenses), as well as financial protection (such as against potential creditors and others who may seek to claim a share of their inheritance).


Protect Our Grandchildren


Your Estate Plan also provides you with opportunities to provide financial support and protection for your grandchildren.  For example:


  • If Your Child Predeceases You.  Within your revocable living trust you can include provisions specifying that if your child predeceases you, that child's share is to be held in trust and used to provide financial support and protection for that child's children.  In this way, your assets can be properly invested and paid out for your grandchild's support, education and health as needed, over the period of time that you specify.

Other Features and Protections


A variety of other features and protections can be included as part of your Estate Plan to provide financial support and protections for your children and grandchildren, both while you are alive and following your deaths.


For more information, go to the Learn More section of this website.


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